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Certified B Corps in Florida

Florida Benefit Corporations

Unified Goal

No matter your position on the Responsibility Spectrum, it’s easy to do good, and to get better, and to become a resilient and sustainable business (complete in-order or hop around)

Establish Your Foundation

Define Your Purpose, Identify Your Stakeholders, Incorporate Your Values

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Understand Your Impact

Measure What Matters To You

Confidential Assessment

Reduce Negative Impact

Start with what is easy, saves you money, makes you stronger, and un-complicates your life, with a goal of doing no harm.

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Net Positive Impact

Positively impact society using business as a force for good™

Net Positive Project

Certify & Affiliate

Accountability in action. B Corp Certification and affiliations with other reputable organizations create avenues for new business solutions and advantages.

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Best For The World

Best FOR The World = Best IN The World

2018 World Honorees

Lead A Movement

Co-lead a Responsible Business Movement (ForGood, B Corps, Conscious Capitalism, many others)

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Actions You Can Take Now

Responsible Entrepreneurship

Guide to Saving the WorldMeasure Your Impact

Responsible Banking/Investing

If you use a bank, you are an impact investor. Your bank invests your deposits as it sees fit, whether that be in the tobacco industry or back into your local economy. Learn more at the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.

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